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Our Company

Tamarin Fruits Co.

Tamarin Fruits Co. is a family of talented people from diverse backgrounds and professions that have in common a passion for good life and making the world a better place.
We envision Tamarin Fruits to be a new age company.  One that is focused on creating value for society; one that cares for and protects the environment; one that believes in equality; one that understands that happiness is our objective in life.
As we market exotic natural products in new markets, we promote good nutrition and happiness, and we contribute to the development of rural communities around the world. 

Our Principles

Health and Happiness through Balance

In Tamarin Fruits we believe that happiness is the ultimate goal in life, and that in order to have sustainable happiness a healthy lifestyle is essential. For us, healthy translates to balance. While most people nowadays focus mainly on their work, it is important to balance work life with things like good nutrition, adequate rest, physical activity, and doing things just for fun. This is the type of lifestyle that we promote.

Going back to our roots

In Tamarin Fruits we embrace the change that society has as it evolves day after day, and we celebrate all the positive things that it brings. However, even though we embrace modernism, we also believe that some of the most important things in life are rooted in tradition. We encourage to go back to our roots to rediscover the truly important things in life. For us, true sophistication lies in simplicity, and to find simplicity we should go back to our roots. We want to find sophistication not in ruthless materialism but in the essence of rich traditions.


In Tamarin Fruits we want to see more equality in the world. We believe that there are enough resources in the world to meet at least the basic needs of everybody, so nobody should be living in poverty. Much less people that work hard and honestly and create value for society. Through our work and initiatives we will seek to bring dignity and opportunities to the communities where we operate.


In Tamarin Fruits we are conscious of the importance of living sustainably. We apply sustainable practices in everything we do, and we support sustainability initiatives in all aspects of society. We want to enjoy our lives and be happy, but not consuming in excess at the expense of future generations.

Entrepreneurship and creativity

In Tamarin Fruits we undertake every project with creativity and entrepreneurship. We know that we are smart, talented and creative, but we are also conscious that we can always learn and improve, and therefore we stay humble and maintain an open mind. We pledge to always have a positive attitude and see every challenge as an opportunity. We pledge to think outside the box and look for better ways of doing things, specially when the traditional ways aren't aligned with our values and principles.

Openness, honesty, and coherence

In Tamarin Fruits honesty is of foremost importance. We want to be open in what we do and always use factual information to support our claims. Above all, we pledge to stay honest to our partners, our customers, and society at large, specially by being true to ourselves and maintaining coherence between our principles and our actions.


In Tamarin Fruits we embrace diversity. We want to learn from different cultures and perspectives, and spread and apply their positive aspects in our lives and projects.

Our Missions

Our Team

Juan Corral

Juan is an expert in Ecological Agriculture.  He's in charge of developing lands and crops for Tamarin Fruits products in origin.

José Barrientos

After earning a double degree in Economics and International Business José has led the development of Tamarin Fruits, focusing on a solid foundation in principles and vision.  

Kati Scherkenbach

An MBA and a Masters Degree in Intercultural Communications are the presentation cards for Kati, our Marketing Strategist.

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