We love Colombia - and its flowers, fruits, fiestas.

We love Colombia - and its flowers, fruits, fiestas.

As some of you may know, Tamarin Fruits has a really close relationship with Colombia.

Clearly, the obvious connection: our products. Our tropical fruit pulps are produced in Colombia. We are partnered mainly with farms located in the department of Antioquia, as well as in the Tolima region. There, our fruits grow sustainably and are harvested when they are perfectly ripe to develop the best flavor. Our team processes the fruits on site, then the frozen fruit pulps start their journey to the United States. Thanks to this, people outside Colombia get the chance to enjoy the tropical flavors of typical Colombian fruits.

There are also personal ties to the country since the majority of our team is Colombian. Our CEO, and visionary of this whole project, was born in the city of eternal spring, the capital of Antioquia - Medellín. He has lived in the United States for more than half of his life, but the idea of Tamarin Fruits developed in the mountains of Antioquia, in a town called Santa Barbara. Walking with his grandparents, he saw a man walking uphill with two wooden boxes of mangoes. The hard physical work and the low return the man would get, with maybe two dollars for both boxes, seemed illogical to him considering the price one pays for only one mango in other markets. The idea of contributing to the development of rural areas in his home country, while spreading the tastiness of Colombia's tropical fruits to other markets was born. This connects us, our ideas, and principles closely to this country every day.

So here are some quick facts about this beautiful South American state called República de Colombia.

Right, first thing's first. It's Colombia, not Columbia! This is surprisingly a common mistake as even some newspapers have proven. So next time, please remind those who are making this mistake on our behalf ;-).

Due to its location, Colombia has various climate zones, resulting not only in beautiful landscapes, but also in the second highest biodiversity in the world, with about 10% of all species existing worldwide being represented in Colombia. This rich flora and fauna results in a colorful variety of everything! Maybe you'll also get to see a little Tamarin, our namesake, if so please say hi for us :-).

As you travel through the country you will feel like you actually traveled 10 countries at once, since it has everything: beaches at the Caribbean coast, mountains with the Central Andes, jungles at the Pacific coast, deserts, islands, national parks, big cities, with Medellín being considered as one of the most emerging cities in Latin America, colonial towns with a huge history, not to forget the Coffee Triangle producing one of, if not the best, coffee in the whole wide world. And, and, and...

As you can see already, Colombia has a lot to offer. Therefore, the following weeks we want to share some impressions of this amazing country with its beauty and variety, and most importantly its people, with you, so that you get to know better the country we truly love.