Water more than H2O - why is it the essence of life?

Water more than H2O - why is it the essence of life?

Chemical formula: H2O.
It is the only existing substance that occurs in all three forms, solid, liquid, and gas.
About 71% of our earth is covered with it, being the source and foundation of all life.
Only 0.3% of it on earth is drinkable.
In many religions it symbolizes purity.
Over a billion people don’t have easy access to it.
The United States uses about 355,000 million gallons of it every day.


It is everywhere and always around us, we use it for cooking, bathing, swimming, while taking it for granted in our everyday life. But water is limited and therefore one of the most important if not the most important resource on this earth, as heat waves make continously abundantly clear.

But, water is not only important for many activities or to appease our thirst. Similar to the earth, about two third of our bodies and even 90% of our blood and brain consists out of water. Hence, we need it for our heart, lungs, skin, pretty much for everything. Simply put, water is the fuel for the “powerhouse” of the human body. When you think “Hey I’m thirsty, I should drink something” it’s usually too late already, because the body is sending a wake up call showing that it is lacking water to optimally work. If we drink too few and get dehydrated, we can get headaches, we can’t concentrate, feel dizzy, or it affects our emotions. And, the older we get, the more we dry out, because of an imbalance of the intra- and extracellular liquids.

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Hence, we should drink more to stay hydrated, healthy, and also young since drinking water is the best and cheapest facelift you can ask for. There is no general rule to how much water one should drink in a day, since every body is different, and we face different physical and climatic conditions. But, half an ounce for each pound you weigh serves as a good rule-of-thumb. 

So how can we increase our intake of water, if we aren’t used to it yet? Make sure to carry a bottle of water (maybe even the stylish Tamarin Fruits glass bottle ;-)) with you at all times, in your car or at work, and best case refillable so that you won’t be left thirsty ever again and to reduce waste.

Freshening our body and mind, water is one of the key factors for a healthy and happy you. It is the essence of the cycle of all life on earth, and it can’t be replaced by any other liquid. Not for nothing, NASA’s motto for its hunt for extraterrestrial life is “follow the water”

So people, let’s follow the water, make the right use of it and act sustainably :-)!

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