Get to know the Tamarins!!

Get to know the Tamarins!!

What do you think of when you see the word “Tamarin”?

If you are like 95% of the people out there, you probably think of this pod-like fruit that grows in the tropics:

But notice well… The fruit’s name ends in a “d”, while the Tamarin that we’ll talk about here has no “d” at the end.

A Tamarin is a small monkey native to the tropical forests of South America, mainly the Tropical Andes of Colombia and the Amazon Basin.

There are various types of Tamarins which vary mainly in their color and hair type. They can have a mixture of black, brown, white and even red and orange pelage, and many have beard-like hair in their faces! They only grow to around 1 feet tall, but their tails can be up to 1 and a half feet long.

As you can imagine Tamarins eat lots of fruits. They are also very active and jump around trees all day long!

Now that you know what a Tamarin is, you can relate better to our very own Timmy Tamarin:) Timmy has a very special mission, learn more about it in his page.

Until our next post!