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All Natural Fruit Pulp

Pure and Wholesome Exotic Tropical Fruits in Convenient Single Serving
Frozen Fruit Packs



Pure and wholesome  mango puree
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Passion Fruit / Maracuyá

Passion Fruit

Pure and wholesome  passion fruit pulp
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Soursop / Guanábana


Pure and wholesome guanábana specks
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Blackberry / Mora


Pure and wholesome  blackberry puree
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What is fruit pulp?

Natural fruit pulp is just the edible part of the fruit after a very simple process that doesn’t affect the natural characteristics of the fruit.

Fruits are harvested when ripe for peak flavor.

Our artisanal pulpification process makes it possible to conserve the fruit by freezing it, and makes it super convenient to handle the product in the kitchen.

It's practically the whole fruit, but just better ;)